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“People will not look forward to posterity, who never look back to their ancestors.”

(Edmund Burke)

This site is centred around Richard Surguy Mills and Barbara Mary Hogg. It looks back at their ancestors to 1838 when the first family migrated to the new colony of South Australia and forward to their descendants of the present day.

What’s New

A tribute to
Hedley Herbert Finlayson
Hedley Finlayson is a 1st cousin to Richard Surguy Mills. Hedley’s mother was Finetta nee Champion, sister to Lizzie Martha Mills (nee Champion).

Grandma’s Stories by Lysbeth Jenkins (nee Mills)

Grandma’s stories from her birth until the end of her formal school days.

Audio Memories

The Audio Memories page has links to memories from our older family members. The first is an interview with Bess Flores (nee Mills) and Bruce Mills, recorded in 2010 by Clee Tonkin, their Great Niece.

If anyone has any Audio Memories they wish to include please email:

Lizzie Martha Mills 90th Birthday
We are endeavouring to name as many family members in this photo as we can. If you can recognise anyone in the photo please let us know via email using the “Contact Us” link