Mills Family Photos 2

Margret and Don's Warren's Wedding

Margret and Don's Warren's Wedding

Margret and Don's Warren's Wedding

Donald Warren

Margret Mills 219

Margret Mills

Kim, Besse, Bruce, Margret & Bunny

Bruce Mills, Tony Cleggett, Jamie Warren, Besse Flores & Linley Cleggett

May and Rit Mills - 1978

Port Gibbon now

Doug & Con Mills with Dee & Norm Heath & kids

Sue & Geoff Mills - May 1959

Jamie & Linley Warren

Bessie Mills at Port Gibbon


Marg Mills with Barbara and David Mills (neice & nephew)

Isabael (Kim)

Bess and Flores sign the register

Barbara Mills at Bill and Lee's home

Barbara Mills age 88 - 1974

Bruce, Kim, Marg and Anna Cleggett 1983

Joan at Mullaquana

Frank and Kim Coleman and Anna Cleggett

Myola 1953 - Cathy Jenkins, Kay Mills with Greg Jenkins, Diedre, Heather, Bronwyn, Jan , Linley, Jamie

Ros Rene and boys 1987

Barbara Mills and children

The Cousins

Ric, Doug, Bruce, John and Anna Cleggett

Doug, Bruce and Ric

Ric and kim

Marg, Joan and Con

Bruce and dogs

Marg in the Flinders


Miss Ninnes with Sue & Geoff

Doug Mills and prize ram

Bill Mills - age 21

Isabel, Lee, Linley and Jamie

Flores and Bessie

Bruce, Marg, Doug, Kim & Bunny

Bunny - 1974

Margret Warren

Sally & Graeme Tonkin with Grandson Jett and Margret Warren

Margret Warren and Kim Slade - 2008

Marg Warren at her 90th Birthday celebration

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Margret Warren & Frances Poole (nee Jenkins) - 1992

Marg Warren, Jan Mills & girls

Doug's grandchildren - 1974

Bess and Flores with Phillip Cleggett

Sue Gale's (nee Mills) girls, Swan Hill - 1991