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Bruce Mills’s Reflection on Iron Baron Primary School

by Anne Marie Saunders

Everlina Patterson (born Mills):

Everlina was my grandmother : I am the 3rd daughter of Jessie Hillary Mills Moran (nee Patterson). Granny and Grandpa lived at Springbank down the hill from Aunt May & Rit and Great Granny Mills.
I loved staying with Granny as she took us on outings to her brother (Uncle Alec) house at Marino Rocks-we had lunch on the beach and paddled in the water collecting shells, star fish etc., then trained home to Clapham.
We stayed in her upstairs room with our cousins-had wonderful chocolate cake and lime juice cordial.
If ever unwell we were given St Agnes Medicinal Brandy in warm water with sugar.
Granny made us special birthday cakes and always a winter pleated tartan skirt (on a bodice) and knitted us jumpers. (my birthday was shared with my Mum July 18th, a date common in the family, Aunt May and I have noticed several others)
Gran had the largest fuschia bush at her back door by the tank stand, we were allowed to tip the tea leaves on it this helped it grow.
Grandpa had agreat big old ford car with leather seats- we use to play with him outside in his shed (rolling a old shell up and down the floor, it was the door stop to the side door of the shed). Grandpa was a very straight, tall man with a moustache and hearing aids, always wore a cap and was very gentle.
We use to visit Aunt May and Rit always having to go down to Great Granny Mills and say 'hello'. The fire was always going in her rooms whether it was cold or hot.
My brother-in-law found a family photo on your web-site of Sturtbrae family gathering and spotted my older sisters Faye and Sue and my father at Great Granny Mills's 80th Birthday. I was born on 18th July 1952 so in the photo with my mother but we have so far been unable to spot her.
Granny died at Abergeldie Hospital Portrush Road after contracting Pneumonia I think - I remember visiting her, she died about a year after Grandpa.
Faye is looking at expanding our family tree, the photo's are very interesting as we have few.
Thankyou for your work on your family tree,
Regards Anne

Alec Mills:
We visited Uncle Alex with Granny when he lived at Marino Rocks - we never went into his home but we use to take lunch and play on the beach and Granny use to visit her brother and have afternoon tea.

Margret Mills:
Aunt Rit was a quiet, shy lady who kept house at Sturtbrae, when visiting Aunt Rit use to serve us afternoon tea in the dinning room which had a huge table and always a white table cloth. Aunt Rit did all of the cooking and use to have jam, preserves in the cellar.

May Mills:
Aunt May was great fun, we visited often with my grandparents Hugh and Everlina (nee Mills) Patterson. The house at Sturtbrae was at the bottom of a long dirt track with a gate at the top which now is Shepherd Hill Road.
Aunt May gave me one of my first references in 1968-69 which I still have.
I can remember Aunt May being very interested in our education, walking around Sturtbrae and cleaning out the creek.
She also had a blue sports car.
Aunt May was my mothers Aunty and my great Aunt:

From Margaret Warren (nee Mills)

Stories of Ric and Doug that Grandma Helen Hogg told me.

Dad, Richard Surguy Mills said to Ric and Doug (then ages 3&4)
“ Have you boys been taking any nails? There are nails all over the place.”
They assured him they had not.
That night Grandma Helen Hogg heard them talking in bed.
Doug – “We haven’t taken dad’s nails have we Ric?”
Ric –
“No we haven’t”
Doug –
“You know God is always making things. He has probably been dropping or spilling some.”
Ric agrees with that assumption.
(Comment: problem solved – sleep cometh!)

And another story:
Ric or Doug to the other –
“I wonder what the moon really is?”
A few suggestions.
“I think God is going around his rabbit traps with a lantern.”
Another problem solved!!

Another story about these times but not of our family.
A local family were driving home from Cowell to beyond Elbow Hill (horse and Buggy). Just out of Cowell the boys at the back started yelling. From the front their dad – “Shut up you kids, you are frightening the horse (horses)”
“But dad”
“Shut up! I said and don’t let me hear another word from you!”

They arrived home 10+ miles. They got out.
Dad “Where’s Johnny?”
“He fell out just after we left Cowell. We yelled out but you wouldn’t let us tell you!”

More than 20 miles there and back to pick up Johnny.