Mills Family Photos 1
Mills family at Elbow Hill

WGJ Mills, MLC

Barbara & Richard Mills

Barbara Mills with the Warren grandchildren

Port Gibbon 1920s

Bruce Mills - 1947

Bruce Mills, Iron Baron - 1942

Doug mills & daughter???

Doug & Jan

Helen Hogg (nee Page)

Marg Warren

Barbara Mary Mills (nee Hogg)

Iron Baron  (very early days)

Bessie, Isabel, Bruce at Iron Baron - 1942

Isabel, Bunny, Bruce, Margaret Carmody, Bessie (Mum's shadow)

Bessie at Barmera


Jack Mills with moustache

Doug and Con

Ian & Barbara Mills and other?????

Bill and Joan Mills

Doug & Con

Barbara Mills with Margret, Helen, Liz and Isabel

Jack Mills

Richard Surguy Mills

Andrew, Barbara, David and Ian Mills

Helen Hogg (nee Page)

Jack Mills (in hat) - Rabaul

Millbrae Rams

Millbrae scene

Mills family 1952

Richard Surguy Mills

Mills men and Bessie

Ric, Bill, Jack (holding Bruce) and Doug


Ric & Doug


Bill Mills

Young Mills men

Lee & Bill

Jack Mills - age 21

Jack Mills highjumping at Pt Gibbon

Jack (probably)

Jack Mills and friends

Jack, Byrnece and George Mills, Bill Mills

Jack Mills and bush shelter

Jack, Byrnece & George Mills and Bill

Helen Mills wedding day

Helen Mills QC award winner

Barbara, Con and others at Myola

Bunny Myola - 1943

Bruce, Elbow Hill - 1933

Bessie and Bruce at Elbow Hill

Isabel, Bruce, Bessie - 1967

Bruce, Iron Baron - 1942

Bessie, wife of Ric Mills